About Us

Our life coaching services are not at all similar to a regular session with an ordinary therapist. Here, you are not just a client, however part of a larger community. Once you sign up, you enable yourself a chance to take your power back! Our services address personal transitions from the life you have now, into the life you want to manifest. Each life coach designs a personalized list of steps to follow. Our role is to discover the obstacles and challenges in your life, and send you in a direction to change those conditions

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Katie Jonson

-Hi there, I have and educating background in counseling and business consulting. Before becoming a life coach, I had a career in therapy. There, I found the root of my clients challenges and help them overcome them. After a decade of working as a therapist and changing the lives of several people, I wanted to help more people, Possibly thousands! With the techniques and knowledge i've accumulated over the year, I went in a slightly different direction of my career and became a successful life coach.

Shawna Wilson

-Hello, I have a bachelors in business and previously to my work now, I obtained 7 years professional experience in human resource. I have an educating background of communications, and know various techniques in that criteria. As such, I dealt wih several obstacles concerning human relations and im know for helping others find a solution. After several years of working in the profession, I wanted a career change which led me in the direction of coaching. I participated in numerous coach-traning programs, and recived a certificate to become a life coach from the International Association of Coaching.

Kyle Pitt

-welcome, I have 5 years experience in monastic training. Within my process of learning I had to face my difficuties, and change wat I did not want to manifest in my life. All while finding acceptance towards the things I can't change. After using what ive learned in my daily life, everything became more meaningful. I found my purpose and now I want others to achieve theirs.

Our skills

We specialize in providing the tools and methods, in order to help empower you along your journey. Without taking your power away, each life coach are skilled to guide you in the right direction, asking the right questions, in which you have to find the answers within. Who knows you better than yourself? We can answer that, nobody. Only you truly know who you are, your boundaries, your needs and what is best for you. As a coach it's our duty to help uncover what that best might be. Our life coaching services help you to recognize which choices you make are either creating a balanced and fulfilled life, or actually stunting your growth